My Passion for Youth Baseball

From a very young age, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in baseball.  I loved the game and the many opportunities I received from playing.  I was fortunate to play for great coaches at the high school and college  level and with the Tampa Bay Rays organization.  Once my professional career came to an end, I made the decision to pursue coaching as a graduate assistant at Lipscomb University, a division one program  in Nashville, Tennessee.    This coaching experience helped me gain a greater perspective  not only on the fundamentals of the game but also on the intangibles that are key to success in not only baseball but in life.

In baseball development, there are many phases to achieve greatness.  I have learned whether it is in youth baseball to the major leagues, all successful players must have a common thread that drives them…. this is a passion for the game.  My coaching style is driven from this passion.  Whether God has plans for me to coach at the college, high school or youth development level, this passion will always be the underlying principle to my success.  There are numerous ups and downs in the game of baseball but through the passion you have for the game, the drive you have to succeed,  a player  can learn to overcome  these obstacles and reach long term goals.

Personally I think coaching youth baseball is more than just a game, it is an opportunity to teach young athletes core values in life.   Not everyone is born with an arm that throws 90 MPH or a swing that takes the ball over the lights with ease, but everyone can learn to have a passion for the game and in turn fulfill their God given potential.  I have invested my time and energy in youth baseball because I believe this is a training ground to build a strong foundation for young men on and off the baseball field.  If you do not have the drive to be a great athlete, you will plateau far from your peek potential.  At RC Elite, our motto is:  #STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE.  Day in and day out we will pursue this mission.

I have partnered with Jeremy Ryan because as an athlete I played for Jeremy and saw how he conducted himself as a coach.  He cares about his players and leads by example, even checking report cards to make sure his players are doing well in school.  Jeremy focuses on developing great baseball players who can achieve their goals, who are great people and who have a passion for the game just as he does.

I look forward to meeting you on or off the field.





Clayton Crum

Co Founder

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